University of Cagliari

The University of Cagliari is the coordinator of the Simple Project: it promotes the meetings, with the aim of identifying problems and critical areas in the sector, bringing a practical and real point of view, encouraging networking and sharing between all participants. The fundamental objective is to activate a direct link with the partners through tools, live meetings and the animation of the community involved. In addition, the University of Cagliari is the coordinator of developments, tests, analysis results and dissemination.



Involved departments:



The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a teaching and scientific institution that promotes and coordinates study courses on all three levels and research activities in the field of biomedical, electrical, electronic, energy, information and telecommunications engineering.

Piazza D'Armi snc, 09123 Cagliari


The Interuniversity Center for Economic Research and Mobility was established in 2000 with the aim of investigating the problems related to the development of regional systems, through the use of research methodologies and tools that privilege the integration of economic and social knowledges with territorial, transport and environmental ones. Currently, 41 professors and researchers of the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari are members of CIREM.

via San Giorgio 12, 09124, Cagliari

Urban public transport companies

ASPO Olbia

ASPO is a company that operates in the local public transport sector in the city of Olbia and its hinterland.


ATP Nuoro

The ATP (Nuoro Public Transport Company) is the Consortium, established between the Municipality and the Province of Nuoro, which manages the urban public transport service by road in the city of Nuoro.


ATP Sassari

ATP Sassari is a Consortium between the Municipality of Sassari, the Province of Sassari and the Municipality of Porto Torres which, in the cities of Sassari and Porto Torres, guarantees the operation of public transport of people.



The CTM is a Joint Stock Company, which operates mainly in the field of Local Public Transport. It provides transportation services to Cagliari and its hinterland.


Extra-urban public transport companies


The ARST joint-stock company represents the largest TPL company in Sardinia. It operates throughout Sardinia mainly with extra-urban services, as well as with urban services in the cities of Alghero, Carbonia, Iglesias, Macomer and Oristano.


Autolinee Baire

Autolinee Baire deals with the urban service of Capoterra and the extra-urban transport service that connects the towns near Cagliari.


Autolinee Mereu

The Autoservizi Mereu was born in the mid-50s to meet the need for population mobility. It offers scheduled bus and car rental services.


Other mobility services


Innovative Car Sharing service of the city of Cagliari that allows you to use a car as many times as you want and when you want without having to incur fixed costs related to your property.


Sardinia biking

Sardinia Biking represents the largest catalog of excursions and mountain bike tours: over 600 km of itineraries.


Altre aziende del cluster

Espereal Technologies

Espereal Technologies is an innovative start-up based in Turin and Cagliari, it develops technologies and services for tour operators and smart cities, with the aim of making the urban environment safer, more attractive and more inclusive.



Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile

The purpose of this Foundation is to promote a green economy to improve sustainable development. It promotes joint solutions to the climate and economic crisis, focusing on better quality and more inclusive well-being by protecting natural capital and eco-systemic services.



GeoInfoLab is an ICT company based in Olbia. It mainly deals with providing advanced and customized solutions for geo-location and for secure and certified deletion of data from digital media.



Systematica Mobility Thinklab or MLab is a consulting company in the field of transport system planning and design.



PUSH is a design laboratory. Through the service design methodology it aims to transform cities, improving the experience of its citizens. PUSH was founded in Palermo in 2013 and is composed of professionals with heterogeneous and complementary skills.

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