The SIMPLE project - StrumentI and Models for Sustainable Mobility - is a project of technological transfer carried out by the University of Cagliari to companies and other subjects interested in the theme of sustainable mobility. The departments involved in the project are DIEE and CIREM. The project was created to address the problems related to the current limited diffusion of the sustainable transports, with particular reference to: urban and extra-urban public transport on road and rail, carpooling, carsharing, bicycle and bike sharing. The main limiting factors are the lack of diffusion and the difficult accessibility to information on mobility services, the difficulty in using sustainable transport in integrated mode and the propensity of people to use private cars. The project will deal with the scouting of new technologies to create two prototypes with the partner companies. During the experiments the results obtained will be published. 

Project phases

Scouting of the technologies that are interesting for the stakeholders

We will proceed with the study of technologies (with technologies we mean: systems, processes, best practices, business models) of interest in the sustainable mobility sector. This study will also lead to a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) focused on the context of the companies that are participating in the cluster project.

Selection of the most interesting technologies in order to develop two prototypes

In order to face the identified problems, the cluster will also focus on technologies for:

  •  monitoring the status of the system: in order to allow public and private agencies to monitor the area in which they operate (intermodal system);
  • the management of vehicles: to allow transport service providers to have a continuous and updated view and monitoring of the status of their fleet of vehicles for a more efficient use of resources.

Experimentation of the two prototypes with the partner companies

Based on the interest of the companies, two prototypes about the objectives of the project will be developed. The selection of prototypes will always be carried out in a participatory way in order to involve the largest number of companies but safeguarding the achievement of precise performance targets.

Publication of the results

The main goal is not just to publish the results internally to the cluster, but also outside it. We intend to pursue the innovation of the transport sector in Sardinia and at the same time attract the interest of other stakeholders outside the region (national and European panorama) that can then start collaborative activities locally with the cluster companies.


  • Critical analysis: we will proceed with a detailed analysis of the specific problems of companies.
  • Technology Scouting: based on the analysis of critical issues, we will study the identified technologies and make a SWOT analysis.
  • Development of two prototypes: the selection of prototypes will take place in a participatory way in order to involve the largest number of companies.
  • Experimentation of the two prototypes: evaluation of the benefit given by the two technological solutions.
  • Animation: creation of a community that will be active both during the project duration and even later.
  • Publication of results: dissemination will take place both inside and outside the cluster.
  • Report on the criticalities of the sector: meetings and communications will be focused on local transport and cluster companies.
  • Case history: analysis of all the solutions that at national and international level are adopted for the identified criticalities.

Identify problems and critical aspects of the sector

Bring a practical point of view of the applicability of ICT solutions

Publication of the results

Expected results

An important fact that is highlighted by the Audimob Report (Observatory on the mobility behaviours of Italians) is the desire of the citizens to choose sustainable transport modes. However, citizens need to be encouraged and this can happen through more information about collective transport offer on the territory. In recent years, in fact, important technologies, that are easy to understand and in real time, have been developed. Among the expected results we expect to monitor user's habits to provide them travel solutions that are tailored to individual specific needs and that are advantageous in terms of travel and costs. Furthermore, the adoption of systems that allow public and private operators to have an updated and continuous monitoring of the status of their fleet is important. These systems will be supported by IoT technologies.

Work Packages

The project has a maximum duration of 30 months

and it is divided into 4 workpackages

Needs and animation collection

Criticality analysis:

  • Evaluation of the state-of-the-art in the transport sector
  • Shared analysis of the needs of operators and users

Cluster animation:

  • Promote networking among stakeholders
  • Share goals, knowledge, best practices within the cluster
  • Enlarge the partnership by attracting new stakeholders

Technology Scouting

The activities of this workpackage will begin with the analysis of the categories of useful technologies to address the critical issues that have emerged, then we will proceed to define a SWOT analysis based on the context of the stakeholders. Therefore the activities will continue with the identification of the Use Case for the prototypes development.


The whole experimentation part will be developed within this work package. We will start with the documentation of the solutions to be developed for the identified use cases and then move on to a design phase and to the development of the protypes. The last phase of this WP foresees the testing of the developed protypes in the identified business contexts.

Publication of results

The objective of this WP is to share the progress and results of the SIMPLE project to potential stakeholders. So let the opportunities of SIMPLE be known and consequently be able to network all the stakeholders, promoting the exchange of experiences and the circulation of ideas to achieve common and shared objectives.

Work Packages
WP 1: Needs and animation collection
WP 2: Technology Scouting
WP 3: Experimentation
WP 4: Publication of results
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